Conference on Digital Transformation in Africa 11 th edition

DECEMBER 15 AND 16, 2022

Geneve International Conference Center



What are ATDA'S?

The Conference on Digital Transformation in Africa (ATDA) brings together the main decision-makers of the African digital ecosystem each year to discuss the challenges of digital construction.

Platform for high-level meetings between Africans, Asian Europeans and Americans since 2011, the ATDAs allow participants to exchange best practices, identify new partners and new business opportunities on the continent.

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Message from the Founder of ATDA

ATDAs a collective intelligence platform

True to its commitment as a catalyst for good practices, the ATDA aims to bring together African and European actors, from the public and private sectors, civil society and donors around issues related to the challenges of digital transformation on the continent.

After the Digital African Tour (continental roadshow on 9 countries), the objective of these two-day meetings is to allow actors to reflect together on key issues to be addressed in order to contribute to deepening the themes to be addressed during the meetings. This involves setting up a collective intelligence platform with a roadmap and recommendations. In a context of urban policy management, several initiatives are emerging on the African continent. Harmonization and feedback are needed to bring out best practices.

Already, in October 2017, by bringing together several hundred digital decision-makers in Bercy, the ATDAs had served as a platform for public and private actors (African and European) to discuss the priorities to be addressed to the AU Heads of State. and the EU for a better consideration of needs during the EU/AU Summit held in Abidjan. A memorandum with 11 recommendations had been submitted for the EU / AU Summit held in Abidjan in December 2017. It is this same ambition that we intend to renew in 2019 in view of the Africa France Summit.

It is this same ambition that we intend to renew in 2019 in view of the Africa France Summit.
In 2021, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Assises at the Polytechnic School of Benguerir in Morocco. Despite the pandemic, the 2021 edition has kept all its promises.

Mohamadou DIALLO

They are expected at
ATDA 2022


A triptych that suits the challenges of the moment marked by full digital and the risks linked to the extensive interconnectivity between systems and the use of new technologies by organizations worldwide. The exponential growth of needs hitherto little or not covered in such vital sectors as in health, education, agriculture, trade or even the transfer of funds brings up inherent risks.

Beyond trust, the basis of all economic activity, inclusion has become a key issue in order to avoid any form of fracture between the fringes of the population without distinction of any kind.
All under the prism of the North-South partnership. These are the issues that the 11th edition of the ATDA promises to address on December 15 and 16, 2022 in Geneva.

Main ATDA objectives

  • Promoting the development of digital technology that is both inclusive and responsible
  • Strengthen partnerships between entrepreneurial ecosystems in Africa and the rest of the world
  • Boosting creativity with a new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Promote the emergence of a new deal in a south-south and north-south dynamic thanks to digital via a new entrepreneurial story
  • Provide a unique framework for dialogue and exchange to promote best practices between administrations, international organizations, private companies and civil society Ultimately, the ATDAs main objective is to contribute to the emergence of innovative solutions for the improvement and accelerating Africa’s development.

ATDA 2022 Foundations of Digital Transformation in Africa

THEME Digital and digital transformation in Africa
Meetings (Plenaries/ Workshop/ Networking/ Expo partners)
2 Days
THEME 2022
Trust, Sovereignty and Inclusion: Challenges and Prospects for Africa.
Geneve (International Conference Center of Geneve)
30/ Afrique/ Europe
200 - 300 participants expected
Institutions, public and private decision-makers, companies and major accounts, universities, R&D, digital ecosystem, operators, start-ups, IT departments, NGOs, donors, regulatory agencies, SMEs...

11th edition of the ATDA

On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 December 2022 in Geneva under the theme

Trust, Sovereignty and Inclusion: Challenges and Prospects for Africa

As part of its action plan, CIO Mag is renewing the ATDAs in 2022, an annual meeting for digital transformation. The city of Geneva will host this 11th edition, which is part of the Digital African Tour.

Why trust?

Quite simply, without trust, you cannot build a viable digital ecosystem. At a time when Africa is asking legitimate questions about its sovereignty in sovereign areas such as food, economic and financial security, digital technology provides answers and becomes a foundation on which almost everything should be built.

Digital trust is a sub-element of digital sovereignty. In the same way, the healthier the business environment, the better the confidence with investors.

To hatch more unicorns in innovative sectors such as Fintech, E-Commerce and more generally in the management of critical data, it is necessary to establish a business framework with a regulatory and legal environment both homogeneous and transparent.

Africa has gone, in ten years, “from a digital luxury to a digital survival”.

Today, more than ever, the deployment of resilient and sustainable infrastructure is relevant for Africa.

Why sovereignty ?

Because from hybrid work to hybrid war, there is only one step. From the onset of the covid 19 pandemic, the world has been able to adapt to mobility constraints thanks to the resilience made possible by digital systems which have made it possible to save entire sections of the economy.

Teleworking or hybrid work has enabled business continuity even if there is an upsurge in inherent risks.
Likewise, the world is watching with amazement the ravages of hybrid warfare following Russia’s armed attack on Ukraine.

This new form of war in modern times is marked by disinformation campaigns on social networks and sabotage of information systems.

aussi puérile que dangereuse si bien que le monde n’en sortira pas indemne. Ce qui con- firme davantage la nécessité d’assurer les conditions d’une souveraineté durable. La croissance de la connectivité s’accompagne aussi de l’accroissement des risques de tout genre. Cette accélération de la couverture numérique ne devrait pas tout de même occulter les risques dits émergents.

A l’ère du tout-digital, on assiste ainsi à des interconnectivités entre les systèmes et l’us- age des nouvelles technologies dans les activités des entreprises. Il est évident que les enjeux sont significatifs et le “ danger ” lié à une interruption de système est clairement identifié. De ce point de vue, l’Afrique est caractérisée par sa grande vulnérabilité et l’évolu- tion de l’exposition au risque liée au contexte environnemental et opérationnel est plus que d’actualité.

Why inclusion?

Because digital is a tool for inclusion par excellence. Thanks to digital technology, ubiquity is no longer science fiction. Just with a connected telephone device, banking becomes a reality to access all kinds of services related to digital finance, access to E-learning platforms, telemedicine, E-Commerce etc… In short, a quick and effective way to reduce inequalities between genders and social origins and thereby also reduce poverty.

User innovations developed by local start-ups will find a favorable response when it comes to their dissemination. Digital technology now makes it possible to give a real identity to millions of individuals in Africa who were deprived of it, but also to give hope with access to vital services that have hitherto been difficult to democratize. It will be a question of connecting SMEs with large organizations in a cross-fertilization approach.

11th ATDA: Why Geneve?

As a collective intelligence platform, the ATDAs aim to strengthen cooperation between Africa and the rest of the world. By choosing Geneva to host this 11th edition, the objective is to promote and strengthen multilateralism as a means of achieving growth and prosperity that is shared and above all beneficial to all. It is also a privileged means of building bridges between Africa and Europe.

Based on the diversity and richness of the actors that make up the Geneva economic ecosystem, this 11th edition of the ATDA promises to be a great success. Several large organizations have already expressed their support for this initiative, including the President of the State Council of the Canton of Geneva, international organizations (with the support of the International Telecommunications Union and the International Trade Centre), non- government (with the support of Hackeurs sans Frontières).

Multinationals (with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva and several multinationals such as Huawei, Orange, Atos, Inetum etc…).

SMEs, startups, academic and research institutes. To jointly build the conditions for growth that is both inclusive and shared. A true high mass of companies engaged in digital transformation where will be present: decision-makers, managers, CIOs, politicians… who will debate around the evolutions of digital transformation and their impacts on our societies.

More than ever, the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has raised awareness about digital disruption. It is about celebrating a decade at the service of African digital transformation.
ATDA is first and foremost a collective intelligence platform.
Faithful to its commitment as catalysts of good practices, the ATDA aims to bring together African and European actors.

Some ATDA numbers
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  • Strengthen your reputation with decision-makers in the region.
  • Meet your future customers in one place.
  • Highlight your innovative projects and make them known to your target
  • Discover innovative infrastructure processes.
  • Take advantage of targeted and exceptional visibility with your core target.
  • Benefit from extensive media coverage before, during and after the event.
  • Participate in strong moments of exchanges and Networking.

The members of the scientific committee
atda 2022

ATDA 2022

December 15 and 16, 2022

Geneva International Conference Center